Project Life and Real life

I can't believe its already February heading into March already!!

I got lost for awhile. It happens sometimes. Sorry. We did have our first grand baby born on January 20th. She's just beautiful and I can't wait to teach her how to get into everything and buy her all kinds of noisy toys to drive her parents crazy. That's what Mommom's are for, right?

An that's what I am, a Mommom. Weird.

A long time back I said I would keep you updated in how my project life was going.

Wellllllll, real life kicked in and there were so many ups and downs for a little bit that I forgot about it.

I just did my very first week of project life in the beginning of this week. I started with the week of Christmas.

I have to admit, I haven't scrapbooked since before our daughter died almost 8 years ago so go easy on me?

Here's my cover that I'm still working on...

I have some tweaking and stamping to do, but it's a work in progress.

Left side of my 1st week...

Yes, there's an 18th birthday, Christmas, and a marriage proposal in this week!!

I used design H for some extra photos. ...

And here's the right side ....

I still have some more stamping and shuffling around to do, but I actually did it and it feels so good to be doing this again!

I'm using the cherry edition this year, but I did also buy the amber and olive editions so maybe I'll change it up, or maybe I'll just use those for other books. Not sure yet.

Oh, by the way- she said yes!

Love, me

Sorry I realize this is already March 4th. I've been trying to post this for a couple days. Life in the country has it's drawbacks when it comes to internet connection!
Also, I'll work on those horrible blurry pictures!
I used Unity and Close to my Heart stamps on my cards :)

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