Perfect Form....

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's raining .............. AGAIN

For those of you going through a drought, I'm so sorry, and I'm not really complaining.

Not really.

But when you have soooo much wash to do, and you hang most of it out, you get a bit tired of the rain.

Just a bit.

Okay, I'm sick of it. I mean I like to hear it on my roof, I love that it waters our gardens, and hay, and in my case, my sidewalks, makes a big puddle at the bottom of my outside steps, involuntarily making my whole porch muddy and smell horrible.

Oh geeze I did it again!


So while I wait for my husband to hook up my big propane tank so I can run my dryer. (Which happens to be a propane dryer. And the fact that we've lived here almost 2 years has nothing to do with this!! Nothing I tell you!)

I go to the hardware store and get little propane tanks to hook up to my dryer (you know while I wait for Jason to hook up the big one outside.)

Well, I went to the hardware store yesterday, and you know what the guy there said???

He told me he couldn't refill my tanks anymore. Turns out they have to be reconditioned every 10 years. Mine are pretty old, but not ancient.

The nerve, right?? Denying a woman (well, actually I sent my 20 yr. old, Dane to do my dirty work!!) the right to do her wash.

Guess what?? I"m thinking my big tank will get hooked up pretty soon (wink, wink) Oh yeah, it's going to have to or we will all be walking around naked.

Believe me it won't be a pretty sight!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainy Day Operation..

Today is overcast with a chance of meatballs. No I didn't say cloudy, I said overcast.

Just kidding. Meatballs?? Nah, but maybe chocolate covered almonds and hot fudge sundaes. Yes, that's better!! Now I'm hungry.
The children were playing "Operation". Not the normal one either. Shrek. You know, you can pull out his "toe jam", or his "ear wax", or my favorite, his "humongous fungus" for $500.00!!
They had a blast! Even Cheyenne got into it, and she got up at 3:30am to milk cows for the neighbor. Believe me it must not have been a pretty sight!
Jacob's doing a pretty good job.
Cole takes removing body parts from Shrek very seroiusly.
Carter's turn. I think he won.
 The little knuckle head.
Of course, he sits there and let's everyone know how he's going to win no matter what how hard they try. It's his psychological tactic. Don't laugh, it's pretty creepy to have this five yr. old sitting there putting hexes on you.
Now I'm leaving you to go find some ice cream and hot fudge.
No, I just remembered, the kids ate it all.
Okay, I'm going to find some choc. chips.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Marshmallow Man

Here he is. The product of my children's imaginations.

Not only do they make marshmallow men, but they take pictures of them too.

On days like today, I need to be reminded that even though they make my blood pressure rise up to Heaven, they are still children.
No, they are my children and I love them.
Marshmallow men and all.