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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earl Peed on the Electric Fence

This little guy....

The dog, not the boy.

The dog who hates water, but will stand in the bathtub and tease me.

He smells sometimes.

His name is Earl.

Earl was exploring today, and came running and crying all the way from the pasture behind the barn to the house.

We think he peed on the electric fence.

Take it from Earl, you never want to pee on an electric fence.

You will end up walking funny.

Sorry for that disturbing image.

On another note, my drain pump died in my washing machine.

Oh, yes, it did.

But my husband called a parts store and had the bugger overnighted and now it's fixed!

I'll keep him for awhile longer.

Since I might have given you horrible pictures in your head, here's some clouds to take them away..

I don't know what it is lately, but the fluffiness factor is just amazing and I can't stop staring.

That is all...


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