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Thursday, June 30, 2011



June 30th.

The dreaded date in my book.

Will I ever get it right?

This is the day our home school log, example of our work, eval, etc. must be taken in to our public school.

I called our evaluator on the 28th. He was gracious enough to give me an appointment on the 29th at 8am.
God bless the man, well actually, he's a pastor, he only said "you gotta get this in to stay legal". He was probably thinking other things.

Maybe not.

I went and had my kids evaluated, and ordered our 4th quarter school work because *gasp* we are doing our work all summer because we are behind. Not a big surprise considering my lack of everything and all the farm work the children help out with.

Of course I"m sitting here trying to get my log book up to date for the school and I'm having a total brain meltdown, ADD moment.

I just took my headache pills, scarfed down 4 dark chocolate miniature Reese's cups, and took the last two fudge filled cookies and two pieces of licorice into my desk.

Now I can think.

Hmm, maybe not.   I just looked over at my scrapbook desk.

Here's where it all goes wonky. My ribbon is hanging out of a desk drawer. It's so pretty hanging off the edge like that.

I have to take a picture..........

Then I have to play with the picture...........

Maybe more than once...............

Then I see how messy my desk is and I have to take a picture...........

Then I have to play with that picture of my messy desk. Why? Because it's not writing down mundane stuff in a homeschool log.

That's why.

This is an example of my homeschool log......

This stuff is boring. This isn't all my children do, but I have a feeling if I told them everything, they wouldn't like it very much. Like my 14 yr. old working for the neighbor when he's supposed to be doing his school work?? The man needed help, what can I say?
I don't think they'd like the fact that as many as 3 times a week, my children accompany thier dad to a hay auction either.
Or that when the dairy farmer up the road goes on vacation, my 16 yr. old helps his dad milk the cows twice a day. That's really  none of their business though and my kids are learning every day. My husband will sit at the table and answer all their questions and explain everything to them so patiently. He has a knack for that.
In fact, in the last two weeks, Jason and the boys put a dump body from one truck to another truck (installed the PTO and everything) and they have never been greasier. It was great!

I love him.

Look! Tulips!!

Sorry. It just happens.

More of my messy desk and dust.......

Oh, then I look over at my paper...........

All I want to do now is play with rubber stamps and paper and ink and glue and , Oh my, sigh.

Wait, what?? I'm going to the school now?

Oh, right, I forgot.

See ya later,

Love, me

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