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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I've unleashed a monster!
I need a shower, I need to get my dishes done, I really need to correct my kiddos school work.

But first, I just had to make them treat bags. This year, Halloween is snowed out. Done. Finished. I'm only able to do this much thanks to our generator humming away outside my window. Still no electricity after 2 days. On this dirt road, I'm expecting it will be much longer.

Ok. I know I only have 2 children left who want to dress up (11&14). But who would refuse a goody bag from their momma on Halloween?

I have never seen my 23, 22, 21, 19, or my 16 year old's refuse treats!!

It's kind of hard doing this because there's always someone missing. Soon, on Nov. 19th she'll have been in heaven for 6 years. I swear only yesterday we were in the hospital and she was all decked out in her stick on earrings, her fairy wand and her wings overtop of her hospital gown. Fun times!

Here's what I did this morning...

- I lit a candy corn smelling candle and grabbed some black bags.

I was interrupted by my daughter who can dress up for her college class tonight. Oh my.

Then I broke out some stamps, white embossing powder, and my heat tool!

This is my end result.

Quick, simple, and easy!!

All ready to be filled up with treats for my kiddos!

Have a great Halloween!!

Love, me

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