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Monday, January 16, 2012

A farm picture a day #'s 15&16..

Sorry. I did it again didn't I?

I ummmm might have been at work, or maybe too busy thinking about any of the following.....

1. How did I manage to not put 2 and 2 together and figure out that the girl my 14 yr. old talks to every night has a mother that's a doctor at the medical center where this same son received his physical earlier this year by HER MOTHER? I wondered why she said "it was good seeing you again"! I am officially a space cadet.

2.if I do the laundry just about everyday why is my laundry room wall to wall wash?

3. I like pink.

4. I might like red just a bit more.

5. Why can't I look like Kelly LeBrock did in Weird Science?

6. Are my legs really done growing? It would be nice if they were longer by about a foot.

7. I still can't believe the doctor is her mother!

8. Forget it. There's no help for me.

Ok. Here's the pictures!

Earl. Because you can never have enough pictures of sun rays and dogs.


Fields. Because we always need more land to farm.

I'm going to stop thinking now!

Love, me

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