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Friday, April 24, 2009

OKay, it's been awhile..........

I know I need to re-vamp this thing!! But starting a farm is kind of time-consuming and crazy. Add our 7 living children into this mix and it is totally chaotic.......

This is what we've been up to........

The kids of course go to school, except the one that's homeschooled, and I'm not really sure what the heck she's doing these days?? OKay, she took a break to catch a gardner snake and felt the need to share it with me. She wanted to keep it. Ugh.

-Quin (9) just got through "no TV week" even though we only have DVD's to watch, no cable out here!!

-Cole (12) was mastering his dirt bike skills, and he's still in one piece.

-Wade (14) is pretty much mastering driving all of us crazy. But on the other side of that, he's really funny!!

-Cheyenne (17) who is the homeschooled one is babysitting for other people all the time, and dreaming of the prom she's going to at her old high school. And how's this for saving time... ..

We went shopping to the mall (which we only frequent like once every 2 years) to look for a dress. Let me tell you, she got a dress that fit. I know her grammy is really greatful as she's the seamstress!! Cheyenne got shoes to match, and jewelry to accesorize, all in one store!! Yes, she's my favorite 4th child. One quick trip to Bath and Body works (sorry, but nothing else compares) and we were out of the mall. That's what you call city-phobia, we can't stand it there.

-Jake (18) is still going to tech, and high school, and working for us, and the other farmers in the area who need his help. He's in pretty high demand which is good for him, but I think they're gonna start fighting over him soon!! He just picked up his newly fixed 4-wheeler last night. Oh boy.

-Dane (19) is working, working, and working. He wasn't even home for 2 nights because they have him on call so he stays overnight at work. But I got to see him last night so we're good!

-Cody (21) who has his own house is working all the time too!! He works for an ag company so he's pretty busy in fields right now. Although he did text me last night at 11:30 on my night off. Kids, that's what they do.

Jason is working the farm and pulling out the bushes in the front of my house (it' s okay, I asked him to). He aslo put in and hooked up a dishwasher for us. Men, is there nothing they can't do? I wish I had the knowledge to ground a dishwasher, and hook the thing up to the pipes, and level it, and make sure it worked. Well, I can make sure it works, because you'll know if it doesn't!!

He also fixes cars, tractors, puts in outlets, remodels houses, farms, landscapes, and takes care of kids. Yep, I'll keep him!

I work as a CNA at the county home-3-11 shift. This week I stayed one night until 3am. Good overtime, but catches up with you once in awhile!! I'm totally confused about working. I never had a full time job before. I know I have to keep it for the health insurance, plus the money is pretty good too. But I hate not being home. Hate it with a vengence. I've been home or on the kids's schedules (driving school bus) for years. Now I think I have to homeschool the rest of the kids. Yep, I need to see them. They really don't like this school anyway, as a matter of fact, they hate it. So it's okay with me. I homeschooled their big brothers for a long time before their sister got sick. I really know they need to be home. Especially with the way this government is shaping up. I'm not liking it at all.

So back to this working full time, homeschooling, and trying to keep your sanity and the house straight.....

My question is, can it be done without ending up running down the dirt road, holding your ears, wearing nothing but your birthday suit (because all your wash is dirty), singing ACDC loudly enough to drown out you kid's requests and resorting to using your dirty dishes as clay pigeons just so you don't have to look at them? My shotgun is ready!

I know there are women in the world who do a terrific job of working full time, and running a household. I just wish I knew their secret!!

Feel free to share your secrets with me, I'm up for anything, really I am.

After my nap.

Until then, my porch needs to be swept (it's enclosed which = dirty, and filthy from all the mud), my carpet needs to be put into my living room, the office, well, we won't talk about the office right now. The kitchen, oh my. I still have to finish painting my bedroom, and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs. The laundry? It's a joke. I did start the garden though!!

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