Perfect Form....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

God has a great sense of humor....

OKay, a little background here. We own a few vehicles. Out of these few vehicles, there's only one of them I trust on a good day.

They are a 1997 jeep cherokee which ever since I got it, it rendered me a magnet for things like my friends who drive into the back of me, and busses! Yes, my friend was following me to my farm one day (she just can't find my house even though she's been here twice). I stopped at the stop sign. Looked both ways, and proceeded to go. Out of the corner of my eye, this guy came flying up the road too fast for me to pull out in front of so I stopped. Then WHAM! My lovely friend ran right into the back of me, and for a small taurus, that was at a standstill, the sucker packed a punch. Okay that was the end of opening the back of my jeep. So right before Easter vacation, the excact day that it started for the school I drove bus for, I'm on my way home. I came up to a 4-way stop. I stopped. I looked. I then proceeded to be on my merry way. When I was just about through the intersection, a campus bus makes a right hand turn into my back tire on my passenger side. He did not stop. Threw my jeep around in a circle, then got out of his bus and acted like he never saw me. Remember, I'm a school bus driver. I got out of my jeep, talked to the guy and as we were talking he actually asked me if we had any openings on our lot. HMMM.Nope. So that's the jeep, oh, the jeep has this loud ticking noise that seems to get louder. Remember that, it's important.

So the second car is a 1991 dodge spirit, 5-speed manual that we all affectionately call the "Zippy car". I bought this car from one of my very best friends awhile ago and paid only $1000.00 for it. Back in the day, we all loved the Zippy car. The only problem with the Zipster is she tends to have something go loose and slip off in the gear shifter thingy (like my technical terms?) Which pretty much renders you in neutral all the time. Now, if you're one of my older boys, or my husband, you just keep on driving and fix said thingy. I am not one of them, I refuse to do that, nobody should have to drive like that. They have turned blue trying to teach me, but I refuse. hmm, maybe it's because of vehicle number 3??

Oh boy, this is my favorite, it's my 2002 Dodge truck which sounds so nice with it's dual exhaust, looks so high up with it's lift, and big tires. But this truck hates me. One day I pulled out from an intersection, and my driveshaft decided to disengage. Thank God for four wheel drive! I had bad ball joints too, which have been fixed by my guys, but not fast enough.

So here's my point.

Jason and I were driving home from the bank one day in the jeep which kept making that annoying ticking noise. I then asked Jason when he was going to fix the noise, and I let him know it seems to be getting louder every time I start it up. (And no, it did not stop once you drove it either.)

That's when I got the "why don't you trust me?" speech. Ugg, okay, like I trust you, but usually in this family, when stuff goes wrong with a vehicle, I'm driving it.

So he proceeded to tell me that the noise was there when our son owned it, and it's really not any worse after 3 years, just a little bit louder, and I quote " honey, it will take a long time for it to get really bad".

Yep, so God was listening, and feeling my heart palpatations every time I drove it. I know he was. because........

At 3:30am, my husband, on his way home from work, called me and asked me to wake our oldest son up. ...

me-"so what's the matter dear??"

him-"umm nothing, I'm trying to call Code-Man's phone and he must be sleeping really good."

me-"what do you need him for?"

him-"well, the jeep died"

me-(trying not to laugh) "oh, that's too bad, I'll get our son to come get you"

him-"oh there he is on the other line, gotta go, I'll be home soon"

So I wait for about 10 minutes and call Jason again.

"Honey are you sure you're all right??" (As I hear him panting like he's out of breath)

Gasp"Yes, I'm just trying to get this jeep off the road".

"Oh, okay, be safe, love you, bye!"

I hang up happy!!!!!!

Maybe that was really mean, but hey,now we also own a Polar Blue Kia Rio!!!! That is brand new with a wonderful warranty (can I just say if I'm driving it, I will never have to change a flat tire again!!) It's okay, I still would rather drive my truck but have battles with myself and the gas mileage every time I drive it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chore Time= Ugg!!

I just love when the kids have to do their chores. They help each other out, hearing their little voices ask if they are doing it right, laughing all the way.


That is my dream world, in reality, they more or less procrastinate, fight over the swiffer, and blame each other for using all the dusting spray, peeing in the blue toilet water ("mom, why can't they see the water is blue?? why would you pee in blue water??") that coming from my daughter. She just doesn't understand that when boys have to pee, they don't care where or what color they are peeing on, they just do it!

Okay, so it's not perfect, but it gets done!! That is the whole point!!

Now, on to tackling the wash yep, that can be a problem!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This was a nice suprise....

Okay, I planted like 500 flower seeds this summer. Nothing came up. not one. Not even like a leaf of one, no stem, nothing. Zip.

While I was doing some yard clean-up, I found a pretty little flower. Then the cat found us, so I had to get a picture. Maybe to remind myself that you shouldn't just throw the seeds and expect them to grow. Well, I covered them up a bit, and there was no frost, I did wait until summer, really I did!

Then I found another one.

Okay not too exciting, but it made my day!!

So of course I had to take another picture before the frost gets to it!

Then the cat decided to climb up on my lap.

Then the dog wanted to come over (I had no idea the dog was even outside).

The dog and the cat really don't get along, but it went peacefully today, the dog just ignored me (that's usually the cat's job).

So the dog and cat got a nice little photo shoot.

Then while I was playing with my camera, I heard the rumbling.......

This could not be good, no, the guys were busy, right?? Yeah, right, until the combine alternater decided to poop out.
OH well, back to reality!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boys and tractors...........

Boys, I have alot of them. Big ones and little ones, and sometimes depending on who's visiting, really little ones.

They're alot of fun, until you find their dirty socks all over the living room, and under the kitchen table, and on the porch, and oh my goodness, just everywhere.

I can ask them to pick them up, which I do constantly. Sometimes it works, most of the time, I hear, "sorry mom, I have to help dad. You know I have to go work on the tractor all day". Yeah, conveinent.

Soon, they are gonna find them under their pillows. My eight yr. old almost got away with this too, but at the last minute I remembered he can't even drive the lawn mower. His oldest brother was driving the lawn mower when he was 5 yrs. old, but there's no need for Quin to do it, maybe I can get him to be the sock picker upper??

They can even have tuxedos on, and they're on a tractor...

They liked the smoke in this picture.

Now I know why they won't let me drive the tractors, I'm the mom, who else would do the house work?? I can see this now, they will be starving calling my cell phone "hey mom, when are you coming in off the tractor to make us some dinner?" To this I'll reply "oh, I don't know, your father has me working pretty hard today, why don't you guys find something to make for tonight??"

Yeah, they'll probably be dead when I get home, boys just don't get it sometimes. It's really sad.
Oh well, they're mine, and I love them so I'll stay off the tractors and do the mom thing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

This is my world........

Jason (the husband), Code Man (he's 20, and our oldest), the Bear (he's 19), Jake sorry, he's just Jake, can't think of a nick-name for him (he's 18), Lizzy (yes, that's a nickname, and she's 16), still all ours, Fuzzy Wuzzy Wade (he's 13), Cole (he's 11), and Quin (he's 8), and yes, they are all ours and if you didn't notice, the last ones don't have nicknames, I'm just too tired!

They run my world, which is a little piece of land we call a farm in Pa. Ohh the farm, we love it, it's ours now, and by golly with the mortgage payments, I'll never forget it!

Jason has always farmed, but not his own, so when the oppurtunity came up, we jumped at it and took it. You don't know if you don't try, right??

Anyway,Jason and Code Man work nights, I'm working days, Lizzy is homeschooled, and the rest go to school.

We all help on the farm. Mostly, the guys do the "easy" tractor work, and us girls, and the little kids (bear with me, to me, my boys that are 13, 11, and 8 are the little boys, my 20, 19, and 18 yr old are my big boys, and Lizzy, she's the girl) I know they are not that little, but, well, ... I can dream, can't I??

So where was I, oh right, the "easy" work, like combining, baling, and other tractor work is done by the big boys, and the little boys, the girl and I watch, take them drinks, unload hay, unload hay, oh, and just for fun, we unload straw too!

We have small bales, the ones that you throw, you know, like a baseball, only bigger! Some day when we have all those acres, like when I win the lottery, we will have a big baler, a wrapper, a tractor trailer, a really big skid loader, you know, stuff like that.

Jake also wants cows some day. We used to milk, but we don't have facilities on this farm, so until the development rights come in, we are just making do with what we have. It's plenty. really, who wants 500 acres??, (we do!) Oh, heck, maybe more yeah, I'll win the lottery too!

It could happen, really, it could.

If I pray really hard?.....



Well, I'll just keep on praying anyway.

We call our farm Crazy 8, well, because we are a little bit crazy, yeah, no, yeah, we are really crazy, and we had 8 children.

Our little sweetheart, Laramie Jane passed away November 19, 2005. She was 12. She had a long battle with a genetic disease called Metachromatic Leukodystropy. OKay, she was missing the enzyme that kept the myelin on her nerves. Better?? We didn't know about this until she was a normal 5 yr. old. Yeah, 2 bone marrow transplants later 1700 miles from home, just wasn't enough to stop it. It's okay, she's happy now, but we loved her so much, we just want her to be pain free and happy. Really we do. (I'd just like one more sloppy kiss and hug, but that's a selfish mom thing.) So yes, we had 8 children, and in my heart, I will always have 8 children, so I just can't say "oh, I have 7 children" because that's just not right, it's not. I have 8 dammit.

OKay, I feel better now!