Perfect Form....

Friday, March 27, 2009

We got cows!!! Sorry, heifers.

Our lovely little heifers, the start of our herd. One red, one black and white. I feel like a grandma, I can't wait until they get pregnant and have calves!! Aren't they cute?

I can't help it, I get excited over the dumbest things, but maybe that's why I'm usually happy??
On this farm, the best response is to just shake your head and smile. I do that alot. Alot alot.
I remember when we managed the big dairy farm, and my daughter, Cheyenne and I did the late night milking. Cheyenne grew up on the farm, but never really had anything to do with pulling calves, or just getting calves into a wheelbarrow or calf cart to get back to the calf pen after they were born.
Usually if a cow was due soon, we would put her in a maternity pen, by herself for the night so she would be by herself, and her calf would be comfortable. Once in awhile, a cow would calve early, while she was still in the tie stall.
Behind the cows that are in the tie stall is a large "gutter" with a metal grate over it. This is there for the poop and urine to go into, and eventually when we would run the gutter cleaner every morning, it would then be taken out to the manure pond.
If a cow would calve early, sometimes the calves would be born on the metal grates.
One night, while I was getting the milk house ready, Cheyenne went into the barn to make manure down (fork it into the gutter if it landed behind the cow on their mat). She came running back into the milk house screaming "there's twins on the grate, we've got to get them off!!" I thought the barn was on fire the way she was carrying on.
When I went out to check, one of our heifers did indeed calve on the grate, and one of the calves had their little leg stuck in the bars. I calmly told Cheyenne to go get the wheelbarrow, we were going to take them back to the calf pen, and when we were done milking, we were going to give them both bottles of colostrum. She brought me the wheelbarrow. One of the calves was alot bigger than the other. This posed a big problem, especially since they were still wet and slimey. Really slimey. We got the little one into the wheelbarrow without any major conflict. The bigger one however kept slipping out of our grasp.
What does Cheyenne do?? She looks at me and says "Wait mom, I have an idea, I'll go get a shovel!!!!!!!" all proud of herself.
I just looked at her and said "You're gonna shovel it??"
She went running off to get the shovel, came back and realized what she was doing was pretty silly, and started laughing like a loon. By this time, I'm covered in calf slime, an hour late for milking, and we still had to get the bugger into the wheelbarrow. We did it eventually, thank God there was no camera in there, it was pretty funny as Cheyenne didn't want anything to do with the slime.
While we were milking, we noticed another heifer was starting to leak milk. I thought oh geeze, here we go!! We got her into the maternity pen, and kept milking, and checked on her about an hour later. I was making manure down for the night when Cheyenne came back to me all proud of herself. Here, she noticed the calf was pretty big, so what did she do?? She pulled it. Yep, my little girl who didn't want anything to do with slime went from "shoveling a calf" to pulling one in about 3 hours.
Not bad for a night's work.
We aren't going to milk our cows, they will be beef cows, but we can still enjoy their calves!!
After their slime is licked off that is!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My baby and his grandfather..........

Here's our "baby" when he was just 5!!

Did you ever just want to cringe and cancel the last 10 minutes of your life?? Pretend they didn't happen??

I wanted to do just that when my husband told me what my "baby" said to his grandfather ie. my father in law.

Quin (my "baby") who is nine and the youngest of our eight children, was over at my in-law's playing one Sunday.

Harmless enough.

He said to my father-in-law "Grandpop, do you have any work for me to do tomorrow?? I don't feel like going to school."

Grandpop said " Sorry Quin, I don't have anything here for you to work on. I guess you have to go to school!"

Quin promptly looked up at his Grandpop and said "DAMN".

Realizing what he just said, he threw himself down at grandpop's feet and begged for forgiveness.

You must understand, my father in law isn't very tall, but he has these eyes that just BUG out when he gets mad, and he's got a bit of a temper, and he scares the crap out of the little kids by just looking at them. (It would help if he shaved those eyebrows, but that's another story!)
Here he is with our daughter, Laramie. He isn't all doom and gloom!!

Grandpop reprimanded Quin and made him promise to never say that again. It worked, but I just can't imagine my youngest, the last of my children ever saying a bad word.

What happened to my baby??

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a blah kind of day.

Yep, I don't know why, it just is. It's one of those days where I have so much to do, but no time or ambition to do it.

I think I slept toooooo long this morning. I feel like it's time to go back to work when I get up!!

Well, tomorrow I have off, so maybe tomorrow will be better. No, not maybe, IT WILL BE BETTER!

Hopefully, our cows will arrive, Jason will get the basement done so we can get a dishwasher and I'll get all the laundry done. The last one will never happen, but now I'm into wishful thinking. So while I'm at it, I WILL GET THE OFFICE CLEANED AND WIN THE LOTTERY! Yeah, that's it.

Oh shit, and I'll lose 50 pounds overnight.

Now I'm getting stupid.

And as for the turkey? He just makes me smile when I see him!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A whole flock of cows!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's a herd, but we are only buying 3 so maybe it's a flocking herd??

Jason took Cheyenne and I to see our new cows today, and I just had to get pictures..

This is our bull (he's going to be a steer pretty soon). I know what you're thinking, but, hey, we have to eat, you know?? Eight kids and no steer in the barn is kind of frightening.
He was a little curious.

I don't know if you can see or not but one of our heiffers is red, and the other black! I can't wait to have them bred and see what we come up with.

This isn't ours, it's a calf, and I just couldn't resist...........

Hi Baby!!

Yeah, come here, that's right....

Mamma cow is mad, she doesn't like blondes I guess.

Then, it's time to leave, you don't want to get the mamma cow all riled up you know. I might have to dress in disguise when I go back!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hay ..........again

Time to load hay...

Jake had a 2 hour delay which meant he had no school until about 11:30 (no Vo-Tech on 2 hour delays).
Jason and Jake go off to load hay and I get a phone call about 11:15. "Umm honey, what are you doing??"

"Nothing, why??"

"Jake has to get to school and we're not done loading hay. Could you please relieve him??"

Me:"Umm sure, I think??"

Okay, you have to understand, I was still in my pj's, had to brush my teeth, and I was trying to convince my daughter at the time I was going to take a shower and take her shopping, really I was.

So I raced up the stairs, and got jeans on, and ran a brush through my hair, and grabbed my camera.

When I get there, they tell me to climb up a wagon full of hay and jump over into the mow, which is up and over hay.

Do they forget who they are talking to?? I hate heights, especially when I'm heightened. That's why God made me relatively short. And chubby.

What do I do?? Yep, I climbed up the side of the wagon, swung my ample butt around and into the front of the wagon. And I made it!!! Then I looked over and up into the mow that I was supposed to just jump into and said" You gotta be kidding me". It was not happening.

So what does Jason say?? "It's okay honey, we really just needed your car so Jake can go home and get his jeep to get to school".

Alright, so I climbed up here for what?? My health? To have a heart attack?? To maybe just look down?

Admire the view?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm? I really don't like the view, unless I'm part of it on the ground!!

This view is okay though!! He he.
After it was all over, Jason took me down into the bottom of the barn and showed me the 3 cows we are buying!! A steer, and 2 heifers. (Of course, my camera was in the truck by then.)
But we are now officially starting our own little herd!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

White stuff

For about 45 minutes anyway!!

At least we got something. I work 3-11 and we were all waiting to drive home in like an inch of snow but it had just started when we left and by the time I got home, there was nothing the last 5 miles of my treck. What the heck was going on??

Still no snow when we woke up in the morning, but a 2 hour delay. Then after we went back to sleep for an hour, the kids came whooping up the steps yelling NO SCHOOL!!!!

Then I looked out my window and saw it, the white stuff was everywhere.

Oh goody, I didn't have to go to work!!! (I had off)

Cheyenne's friend Brittany came over on her 4-wheeler. They played outside with the little guys for awhile.........

Making snow angels

Claiming their stake (all mine to eat, not anyone elses-touch and you die!!!)

Quin, please smile nice???

Pretty please? "NOT TODAY ZURG"
Maybe next time.