Perfect Form....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's that time again....

The time when my allergies go haywire (no pun intended), and the weeds start to grow.

Wait, the weeds have been growing since like February.

 A Lot. A Lot, A Lot.

Last week, I challenged my couch bound zombie-killing boys to run up the tractor path. I told them the last one up had to do the dishes.

That's one way of getting them off the couch!

I had to stop at least 3 times on the way up.

It's one of those like 3 mile straight up hills.



Okay, it's only about a half mile straight up.

I've been trying to get in shape and lose weight because I have a prom to go to!

(More on that later).

So we all tore out of the house, tripping on one another and doesn't my smart-alec 16 year old get on the dirtbike with his socks on and beat us all??

Cole and Quin noticed we had some pretty nasty mustard seed weeds growing in our hay field.

They told their father at dinner that night.

Guess what the boys were doing yesterday??

Yup armed with shovels, they hiked up the hill again and dug out all the weeds in the hay field.

Break time.

Funny, they didn't want to go back to work after this.

Attention: We have a man down! I repeat, a man down!!

Earl loved this, he's stalking his prey in the mighty jungle corn field.

If you don't want to pull weeds, don't tell your dad they're in the field.

They were so proud, they were going to finish up today, but instead told themselves, "15 more minutes and we're done".

And they did it!

Now, they're working on cleaning up the yard.

Don't you just love Spring??

Love, me

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funny Story...........

So when I go to work, at the hospital at 2:20 in the afternoon, I ususally don't have time to do the dishes before I leave. Besides, until I get home, the family has eaten at least one more meal and they will pile up for me. So to make things easy on myself, I ask the boys to please at least load and unload the dishwasher for the night.

Makes sense, right?

I think so too.

They aren't buying it.

My boys would rather be outside hauling manure, or chopping up firewood, or even putting dual tires on the 1026 with their dad.

You know, manly stuff.

If you didn't notice, there's a serious shortage of girls around here.

The only other girl I have to rely on and stick together with works full time, then goes to college at night full time. She's pretty busy.

She hates to do dishes too.

The boys try anything to get out of dishes. I'm pretty laid back about it.

I only work part time, and yes, things come up on a farm that require the guys to help with, then who feels like doing the dishes after they helped out their dad??

 On this particular night, they weren't busy.

Oh no.

I came home to the dishes all over the place, and they weren't even close to being clean.


And I use the word "but" loosely.

BUT there was a note clipped to the refridgerator door.

Oh, yes, a note from my dear husband saying "The boys will do the dishes in the morning".

Ok, I figured they had a rough night, doing I have no clue as to what, but something.

So the next morning, I asked my husband why he wrote me the note, and what happened on the farm that required the boys to help so much??

His response, "What note?"

I said "the note on the refridgerator door from you".

He said in a rather loud voice "where's the note?"

By this time, my youngest was scrambling up, looking through the trash can for the note.

My sixteen year old was giving my fourteen year old a funny look.

My fourteen year old was saying "I can explain"................

Needless to say, my fourteen year old is pretty good at duping us.

It's scary, he writes just like his father.

It's pretty hard to get mad at him too.

End result, oh yes, they did have to do the dishes.

We all got a pretty good laugh out of that one, and the stinker almost got away with it.

Okay, carry on I have more dishes to get done, it's my weekend to work!

Love, me

Friday, April 1, 2011

My my, how time flies when I'm having fun........

Actually, I'm playing around with my iPhone.

I downloaded these "horrible, wonderful" photography apps, and I can't stop playing with them.....
My boys going fishing with Goat.      

Cody's new motorcycle...
I have enhanced almost every photo I've taken, and I'm loving it!!

Jake thinking........

Jake and Dane thinking...........WOW!!
Inside joke, nevermind.

Pouf the very fluffy barn cat.

Well, umm these are steers....
A creek proudly pronounced "crick" around these here parts...


It's been a bit overcast and rainy allllll day today, but once in awhile I spotted the sun.......

There it is!

and here.......

Here too.

The bottom line is, I can't stop playing with the "Instamatic" app, or the "100 Cameras in 1" app on my iPhone. I just can't!!

Oh wait, I then paired it with the "Diptic"app.......

Then I just about died!!

Love me!