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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Truly Thankful Thanksgiving

This dog.

The one who buries under the covers to sleep.

The one who loves to jump on me and make my work clothes muddy......before I go to work.

This same dog sunning himself....

Saved our lives last night.

To make a long story short, he barked his little head off at 3:00 am. Earl is not a "yappy" dog but he has his occasional fit now and then. It's mostly people driving by that irritates him (especially at 3:00 am).

We were sleeping soundly.
My husband got up to check things out because by the time we woke up the dog was frantic!

Next I heard something I pray to God I never hear again.

"Everybody get up! There's a fire in the basement" yelled my husband.

Out water heater started fire which caught a bunch of boxes on fire which if it wasn't for Earl would have started our downward spiral towards death. I'm not afraid of "death", but I really don't want to burn to death. Nope not on my agenda.

Peacefully in my sleep sounds better.

So even though I now have no hot water, I don't really care.

We. Are. Alive.

Everyone is safe. The house is still ok.
even if we would have lost the house, as long as we are ok and together, that's all that matters.

I am truly thankful to God for my family that is safe and sound and for our four legged hero, Earl who with God's help saved our lives.

What are you thankful for??

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Love, me
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is absolutely insane........

Really? I live on a mile long dirt road. My road connects to the same road it veers off of.

The township workers are working on it today.  The beeping from their backing up is making me even crazier than I already am. That's pretty bad, trust me.

So I'm reverting to my happy place........

Ok. Much better.

Have a wonderful beep less day!!!!

Love, me

Sunday, October 9, 2011

7-43 Things.....

Wow! a month and a half with no post.


Let's review, shall we?

Drove home from vacation.

Goodbye gorgeous beach sunrise...........

Hello beautiful home sunset!

Jake turned 21.

Enough said.

My three oldest-23, 22, and 21.

How did this happen?? I thought I was only 29?

We had hay to do........

Oh! Then we had a stinking hurricane headed our way.
Before the hurricane however, our bull got loose.
It took a trailer load of pretty little ladies to bring him home from the neighbor's pasture...

Thank you girls...

Here's the butt head............

Then Irene happened. (That is so not a good hurricane name by the way!)

It rained, we flooded in our little valley. We were wet, and muddy, and it just sucked for lack of a better word.

 Then we had more hay to do...

Tractor pulls to go to......

 Cole jumped.....

 My boys showed up for breakfast...

 Cheyenne drove me to work one day....

 And Earl took over the bed!!........

That is all for now.

I'll be back as soon as I get this smelly dog out of my bed!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Beach

Myrtle Beach to be exact.

My view this morning.


The day before yesterday.


That picture was from the farm before I left.

Oh no.

I think I'm getting home sick.

I found a tractor on the beach.

This excites me.

Different colored tractors even.

It's good to get away, but it's always a great feeling to come home!

Yes, home!

Love, me.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things


We haven't had any for so long that my corn was just shriveling up. Thank the good Lord we got a soaker yesterday and as I'm writing this on my phone, it's storming outside so hard, our electricity went down. Again.

Why do everyone of the boys in this house have to poop when the electric goes out?

Just asking.

And no, that is definitely not one of my favorite things.

Back to that....


Earl and my boys (or boy in this case) but I "heart" all my boys (and my girl) too.

Ideas found online...

Courtesy of Kendra McCracken's scrap room pictures from

She has the best ideas.

Oh yes.


I want to move in.

Some things around my house...

Eldreth pottery....

Ummm hmm

An apron my mom sent to me

With a towel to match.

And an angel that's been hanging on my cabinet door since Christmas. Scattering glitter to the far ends of the earth.

Must go take care if the scared puppy now. He's not liking this storm.

Love, me

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Friday, July 22, 2011

It Broke.........

I haven't posted in a while?

It just broke.

My camera.

The computer keyboard.

My tire on my car. Front passenger side to be exact.

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.

You heard me right.

It. Fell. In. The. Toilet.

When this happens you must very quickly grab the phone out of the toilet, and wrap it in a towel and shake like crazy to get out the excess water. Yes, this will help.

Do Not try to get your iPhone apart. This will not help. According to one of my son's friends, you need a suction cup thingy to do this the right way. NOT eyeglass screwdrivers like I might have used.

Then you call your mother who told you a while back that a friend of hers dropped their iPhone in the toilet and you recall it still works.

You know what you have to do?

Are you ready for this?

Blow the darned thing dry with a blow dryer.

I just blew air into both ends of the phone for 5-8 minutes straight then I set my phone in the sun and let it rest overnight.

In the morning I charged it up.

It works again.

The only problem is that I was kind of, maybe a little bit, looking forward to getting an iPhone 4.

Ummm,  I need to go play the lottery now, too many things have broken in and around this house in the past couple of weeks for me to even begin to pretend I have the money to fix them.

As long as the air conditioners stay running.

Right now, that's all I can ask for.

Off to pray for rain..............

Love, me.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned how my drain pump in my washing machine took a vacation, and when you have eight kids and you're in that predicament, I have learned not to ask, what's next?

I wasn't listening to myself very well, because I now have a new, as in new this winter Frigidaire gas oven that is torn apart. My children were wrestling around and broke off a burner knob, also breaking something inside so that we couldn't turn the burner off, resulting in pulling the oven front and turning the propane valve off. All these children, and no oven with which to cook?


I also have 2, as in the only two toilets that we have that need new flushing parts, and my hot water heater needs the reset button pressed daily, as in every day.

There should be a hotel for moms. Just for moms that need to have one day of a clean living space, with no dog hair, or wood shavings from guinea pigs on the floor. No dust from the dirt road in front of your house all over the porch (enclosed front porch). No laundry room with floor to floor wash in it, heck no floors with wash on them at all, and all working appliances.

There would be your favorite meal waiting for you when ever you went to visit, and you don't even have to do the dishes.

The bathroom would have the greatest tub with the most revitalizing jets and loads of bubble bath.

The king sized bed would have the most comfy matress just for your liking and the sheets would be of the finest, softest cotton we ever felt on our skin.

Then, we could sleep for as long as we want, or until we missed our families and dirty houses and went back home ready to be moms and cleaning ladies again.          

Okay, you got me, how could I ever even think of a fantasy like that with such darling children all around me??

That is all forever,
Love, me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We interrupt this week for.............



And even more hay.

This is the secret ingredient to great hay.

Love , me