Perfect Form....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


(that's my girl)
It's what we do....

The cat's don't care.


My youngest loves it!!

                      Even at the tractor pulls, we loaded up the tractor so no one had to get too muddy.

                                                This is the culprit from the first 2 pictures.

Please disregard the  the dumb truck in the background with the hood that's open since last Christmas!

I pretend it's not there, just so I don't drive the family nutz wanting it removed. I can't stand it there.

But everyone keeps telling me it's "this close" to running.

                                                              So it stays.

                                                 And I ignore it.

                                                                I try to ignore it.

                                               I just wish it would go away.


                                                              There it is again.

Just when I'm trying to take a picture of how high the water was rising during a thunderstorm (with my family trapped in the garage).

                                                              IT shows up.

Maybe I am completely insane.

                                                         Nah, just a little.

I'll leave you with that thought. There is no main idea in today's post, this is just the way my day is going, from one thought to another.

If only my head would open up and I could breathe.


That's it, yeah, my head is so stuffy that I can't make a complete thought with the little oxygen I'm getting into my stuffy little brain.

                                                   That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I"m going ot find the nose spray now.............

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm just sitting here wondering...

Is this my good side............

                                                                        Or is this one better??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early Morning Ringing...........

You know it's not good news when you get a phone call at 5am.

Oh my.........

Oh Dear!!


Notice the burr on the inside of the jeep???

The bad news-- the jeep is finished.


Never to be driven again.

It had a soft top that tore away on the first roll.

I know she has a problem with wearing seatbelts.

She ended up sitting on the ground with the jeep on top of her.

The good news ??

Not only did she roll the jeep at least 4 times, she walked away from it with only bruises.

No, she wasn't texting, or talking on the phone, all she did was look down at her directions and veered a little bit, losing total control.

Praise God !

I know He sent angels to keep her safe.


This is Fred the steer.....

He looks kind of evil in this picture, and sorry, I don't have a full picture of him right now,but when you see the size of his head, you will know he's a force to be reckoned with!!

When we were feeding our calves, my second youngest told me Fred could do a trick. I never got to see the trick, but I did watch Cole trying to "catch" Fred's tongue.

Fred starts out by snifffing Cole's hand

Gross, but funny, once you start watching, you just can't stop. It's like those rubberneckers in accidents.

Then he tries to lick it. You must also understand that Cole is standing on a couple of hay bales to reach over the gate to get to Fred.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm............. Yummy,"I think I like it!!"

This is kind of gross, but you must admit, he almost has his tongue!!


Look at those teeth!!
Kind of creepy, huh??
But good fun for the kids!

Numb numb numb, "maybe I'll just chew on his fingers for awhile!!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catch Up Time..............

So, I get up every morning, thinking about blogging (yeah right, and home schooling, and excercising, and cleaning, and cooking, and laundry, and work) no, not work, I'm not thinking about that until I get there, then all I can think about is going home. It's not that I don't like the concept of work, I just don't like not being at home and working. Yep, I hate it. So all you stay at home mom's, enjoy it. Don't even think about rushing off to work, have fun being home, because one day, you might have to go to work. YUK. Though, some people might like it, just not me.

I'm off the subject.

What else is new??

This is why I don't blog every morning, or every day. I get easily side tracked. Maybe I have A.D.D.? I know it's not A.D.H.D. Hyper is not in my vocabulary, nor in my body. If anything, I'm so non hyper, I go backwards. Yes, it's true, ever since I was a youngster, my mother told me "I was slower than molassas". I have sped up a little bit since I have to keep up with so many children, but I'm just me, I don't like to rush. Anything.

My husband? He's the speed of light.
The Turkey.
Most of my children have inherited his speed of light crap too.

Most of them that is! There's about 3 that aren't.  This would be the youngest one. He didn't get the lightning gene.
We get along great!!

 But if it's even possible, he might just be slower than I was. Not mentally, but when it comes to getting ready for anything, or just walking from the car into Wally World, he's got me beat.

Since September started, we have aquired 13 calves, soon to make it 15...

This is the chief calf feeder. He's a little sick of calves. We don't have hutches or any way to keep them apart, so we have to boot some of them out while we feed the others. Or else, they will be sucking the pants off you, literally!!

"What are you looking at? I'm just trying to eat here."
So enough of the calves. Tomorrow I'll show you a trick Fred the steer can do. It's pretty gross, but kind of wierd too.

We have been pulling our tractor in the Oley Fair.........................................

We started home schooling like 3 weeks ago................................................

There they are, working diligently (sp??) on their school work. Sometimes, I wonder how qualified I really am, but with Sonlight, it's pretty easy. Well, not "easy", it's alot of work,but it's nice to have something so researched already that I don't have to worry about History, and Science, and everything else in between. Since it's already thought out for me.

We also make bugs out of our gummy snacks....................................

Just another 3 weeks in the Moyer household!!!

No, we aren't normal by any standards.

The bad part is, we don't even try!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday morning lima beans.........

After sooooo much rain, I made the children in my life go out into the garden and pick lima beans. I would have done it, but I would have been in mud up to my knees, literally.

They would have had to haul me out of there with a tractor and I would have been so embarrassed!!

The lima beans are white on the inside. This caused my second youngest child to have a royal fit and call his grammy. He went on to tell me that they won't have any flavor, they are too old.

Okay, this is all well and good, but we need to eat, and really, butter and salt are a flavor right??

I do believe I will be freezing them, white or not!!

I need to leave now, I still have 14 loads of wash to hang out!!