Perfect Form....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hunh, okay....

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired today. I didn't do a durned thing yet, but put a load of wash in the washer, make the woodstove come back to life, go shopping with Jason to pick up something his mom wants for his dad for Valentine's day, and sneeze.

Just smack my ass and call me Sneezy. I can't stop!! When I'm not sneezing, my nose is tickling like I have to sneeze, and my eyes are watering so bad.

It's Jason's fault.

He got it first.

Our 8yr. old is home sick too. It's still Jason's fault.

It's supposed to be sunny here today. More like overcast allllll day long.

Okay, sorry, that was my evil angry whopper twin complaining like that. Gosh, I had to kick her japelano butt out of my seat so I can write something nice.

Okay something nice.


Oh! Cheyenne made brownies today!! That's always nice.

I get to go to work and see all my favorite residents at the nursing home tonight. Yeah, that's nice. Really, it is.

One more, I played the lottery, and IF I win, that's nice too!! Then I don't have to go to work!! I can just visit! The best part will be I won't have to wear scrubs. I HATE SCRUBS!! Whew, thank you. I'm glad I got that one off my chest.
Okay, carry on!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Muppets, is there ever any movie better than Muppet Treasure Island?? In my family's opinion, nope.

It's pretty weird that we all like, no love that movie. All 10 of us to be excact (because I know Lara is watching it in Heaven).

What's not to like?? You've got mystery, suspense, great music, a guy that thinks there's a man living in his finger (and actually talks to it), and of course the torrid love affair between Kermit and Miss Piggy. Yep, my life just might be complete.

Maybe we're all a little bit off our rockers. That's okay.

I sometimes find myself looking at my finger like it's talking to me. Not really, I just would like a reason for hearing that voice!!
I think all the ice is getting to me. Really, snow is so much better, but no, can we get just snow?? Nope not unless it's followed by a thick layer of ice. Gosh I just misplaced my ice-skates. Darn.
Oh well, enough of my rambling today, I have a movie to watch before I go to work. We're at the part of the dreaded black spot!!
This is what farmers (wives and kids) do when there's ice outside, really, we do!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

HAY anyone??

We have pretty much hay to sell so Jason decided to take it to the Green Dragon auction. But he recruited me and Lizzy to help load the truck. Oh Boy.

We stayed in the hay mow and threw onto the elevator. Well, she had to throw hay to me, and when she wasn't hitting me with it, it would fall down the side of our stack. Oh I'm pretty sore this morning. Good thing Jason has a sense of humor.

But what was he going to do, fire us??

We fool around alot. Well, no, it's more like we have alot of fun, yeah, that's it.

While we were actually busy, Jason's phone rang and we shut everything down. Our Cole was vomiting on the bus and I had to pick him up at a different bus stop. I don't know, I guess they just wanted him off!! Go figure. So everyone got a breather. But that also meant that this guy got home from school too!!

Wade to the rescue!! He recently turned 14 and happens to be a great hay bail thrower. (The little guy in the background is one of my very best friend's children who Cheyenne babysit's for. He was having a blast too!) So we eventually got the hay loaded and now it's on it's way to the auction. Which is a good thing because I have a mortgage to pay!!

I just threw this in because I could!! They might look back on this one day and laugh. I hope!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

HORSES = Stubborn

Need I say more??

It wasn't bad enough that my little Cole woke me up at 6:45am. (I worked last night and my internal clock that usually wakes me up at 6 was just too tired to alarm. Yep, it was dreaming away. I swore, I was only asleep for 1 hour, not 6.

The bus picks them up at 6:50 on the nose. Usually we leave the house at 6:48. Yeah, so at 6:51 I was in the pick up trying to back out of my yard turned parking lot and not run into any vehicles while Wade is saying "hey mom, I think we missed the bus". NO! You think??

Well, if we looked at this on the bright side, they had time to poop and eat breakfast!! That's always a good thing, right?

If that wasn't bad enough through a not so important series of events, my 3rd grader missed the bus too. Yeah, I'm such a slacker mom this morning. BUT, it's not my fault, really, who do these school districts think they are taking off for like 3/4 of an inch of ice?? I mean really they are just spoiling us rotten!

OKay ,I drove Quin to school too.

I was then talking to Jason, in my bedroom, and he looks out the window, up the hill in the field and what's standing there?? Yep, the horses from hell. That was not the spot they were supposed to be.

Lizzy went out first to try to get them and I followed about 8 minutes later. (I was hoping they would listen to her)
She had them almost in and then they ran away again. I'm not sure where she went but I followed them up over a hill to a tree line and waited for her to call me.

She came walking back with hay in a bucket. Yeah, they 're not that stupid but we gave it a try.

I love the way they look at you, but not look at you and walk at the same time. Usually away from you.

"Do you think we should listen??

"Nah, we're outa here!!"Going.............



But here's the kicker..... They ran back in the fence, yep right back to where they started from. So Lizzy calls her dad and yells at him to close the gate!!

HOme safe and sound!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am Lion, hear me roar........

More like meow!! So this was a typical Sunday morning. NOT. Usually we would scramble to find clean socks and get ready for church. Nope, wasn't going to happen today. For one, my youngest was sick vomiting for 2 days, probably better not to take him. But my real problems started when Jason woke up this morning. Yeah, he had to combine corn for someone. He wanted to finish it up as he was working on it all day yesterday. So it was up to me to get him to the combine. Yeah, it's not even light out yet, and all I can think about is getting back into bed.

So we are almost there and I hear my honey groan. Here he forgot a drill, a bolt some washers and a nut. The pointy thing on the corn head was loose and he wanted to fix it.

Don't worry, I'll run home and get those things for you,( then I can get back into bed) I was thinking it anyway!!

How it really worked was, I ran home, Jake got those things for me, and on my out of the driveway, I had to go to the bathroom, so I figured I'd grab my camera while I was in the house. Cause by this time, the good old sun was coming up!

Okay, all better I hop back into the car and start driving, and what do I see in my car??

Yep, the stowaway, Lion the cat.

Have you ever driven a car with a cat that isn't de-clawed?? It's about like sticking your hand in a corn-picker while it's running. Not fun at all. I did get him calmed down. (I should have thrown him out the window and let him find his own way home, but the kids like him too much!)

So I drove my very small Kia Rio through a corn field. Not the brightest thing to do, but Code-Man has my truck. Oh Boy.

I handed everything over to Jason, watched him do his fix it thing. He's so cute!!

By the time I got home, the sun was up and looking pretty good, so how could I go back to bed??

Ah, it was time to get ready for wrestling. Youth wrestling. My little 104lb. Cole went up against a heavyweight on the opposing team. And guess what? He WON. Yep, pinned his kid. I was so proud (after my heart attack).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Farm kids and swings...

Our kids just love swinging when there's nothing else to do.

But why does it always seem that the smallest child is always pushing the rest of them?? Maybe because he's the youngest, and has to pay his dues, or he figures he's smart enough to swing on his own and hey , if the bigger kids don't know how, he's gonna help out.

OR maybe it's because he's my youngest and the most easy-going of the bunch for now. Yep, I'll go with that one.

Besides, who wants to just sit on a swing when you can stand and make your mother have heart failure??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hmm, 2009 and what are we gonna write down on paper for our resolutions??

Since I haven't done this since Oct. Maybe Blog more?? Of course I could lose weight, and keep the house spotless, excercise every day............. All the normal things in life.

I'd like to scrapbook a layout every week. Until the weeks slip away.

Maybe I'll just pray more and try to do all I can and do my best at it. Even if I don't like doing it. That sounds like a good resolution that I know I can stick with.

Oh, and try to make enough money with this farm that we don't have to have outside jobs!! Maybe thats just a dream, but I'll keep trying.

I also need to take more pictures, yeah, that sounds like fun!

I'd eventually like to give up dial-up and get a card thingy for 'puter to make it go faster!!! Oh good Lord I miss my cable hook up!!

I'm going to pray for this guy every day too. The one on the left is my nephew and tomorrow he's on a plane for Iraq. The other two are my sons, Dane and Jake. If anything happens to their cousin, Iraq might just be in for trouble!! My nephew has a wife and baby daughter so he just has to come home. Yep, he does.
Okay gotta go make mashed potatoes to go with the ham and saurkraut. No one likes the saurkraut, but tough boogies, they're eating it anyway!!!