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Friday, July 22, 2011

It Broke.........

I haven't posted in a while?

It just broke.

My camera.

The computer keyboard.

My tire on my car. Front passenger side to be exact.

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.

You heard me right.

It. Fell. In. The. Toilet.

When this happens you must very quickly grab the phone out of the toilet, and wrap it in a towel and shake like crazy to get out the excess water. Yes, this will help.

Do Not try to get your iPhone apart. This will not help. According to one of my son's friends, you need a suction cup thingy to do this the right way. NOT eyeglass screwdrivers like I might have used.

Then you call your mother who told you a while back that a friend of hers dropped their iPhone in the toilet and you recall it still works.

You know what you have to do?

Are you ready for this?

Blow the darned thing dry with a blow dryer.

I just blew air into both ends of the phone for 5-8 minutes straight then I set my phone in the sun and let it rest overnight.

In the morning I charged it up.

It works again.

The only problem is that I was kind of, maybe a little bit, looking forward to getting an iPhone 4.

Ummm,  I need to go play the lottery now, too many things have broken in and around this house in the past couple of weeks for me to even begin to pretend I have the money to fix them.

As long as the air conditioners stay running.

Right now, that's all I can ask for.

Off to pray for rain..............

Love, me.

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