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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I almost had a heart attack.... almost.

One of our sons was driving the tractor for the first time. He tetted hay, and he hauled hay, and we unloaded hay that he hauled.

He hauled more hay, and we unloaded hay.

It kind of keeps going like that in a circle.
But you have to understand, this was Wade's first time actually working with a tractor. I know he's 14, he should have been doing this since he's 5. Right??

No, that's what happens when you have big brothers that have been doing the work for years, like since they were 5. Jason has relied on them for a long time, they know what they're doing, and everything runs smoothly. Now that the two oldest have full time jobs away from the farm (heck our oldest moved out too!) our help has dwindled. Add this to the three of them going on vacation for (GASP) a whole 5 days when we have soo much hay to bail, Jason got desperate.

I guess desperate's not the word, it was beyond time for Wade to drive tractors.

It was a little rough when he pulled out of the barn with a load of hay for the first time.... I told him to pull out as straight as he could, then turn the wheel. He was so excited, we almost lost a barn door. And a beam. But he made it out eventually.

So after painfully watching this, I was having heart failure following him down to another farm where we unload the hay. All I could think about was geeze, if he doesn't swing that tractor again, he's going to hit the stump, take out a road sign, and drive through someone's orchard! I actually had chest pain following him down the road.

You know what he did? That little bugger performed a perfect turn into the driveway without hitting a thing!!

But then it was time to pull up to the elevator.........

Come on, you can do it!!
Thank goodness for little brothers (AKA the know it all!) Just pull up right here, then you can still have enough room after we unload to pull around without backing up!

Okay, time to work!! (GROAN)

Halfway through the load, one of the paddles broke on the elevator. Just when I think the little guys and I can handle at least one load of hay on our own, I'm proven wrong and I have to call the husband. UGH!

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