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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Plastic Farmer.....

This is my youngest, aka, my baby....

 He has a whole mess of animals.

Well, plastic ones anyway......

Here's some cows.

More cows!!

The sheep. Cute, huh??

Horses, no farm would be complete without them, right?

PORK! Um, excuse me, I mean piggies.

We wouldn't be able to keep production going if it weren't for this fellow!

Nice chicken coop huh???

Look at this closely, notice the lines in the carpet? Yes, they're his" fences". Cute???

Please don't ask me why I bought a red carpet.

We have a yellow lab.

They don't mix at all. Most of the time, the carpet looks like we plucked the dog and threw his hair all over the place!!

We don't by the way.

Pluck the dog that is.

But we do eat beef!!!!!

This lovely (well maybe disturbing picture) is courtesy of my daughter who will randomly try to bite cows heads off.

Only when she's hungry.

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