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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haven't got a clue............

My mind has been in a fog for the last 6 weeks. I"ve been learning a new job, day shift of all things which doesn't help with the homeschooling part of my life.

To the kids, it's a 6 week vacation of "hmmm maybe I'll do my math or tell mom I read my history and science and understand it all!!"

The little buggers they know how to work the system.

It seems everything has been let go. The laundry (was it ever caught up in the first place?). The dishes: we have a dishwasher, but they're never done! The piles of mail that the kids clean off the table.

OH my, now I'm depressed.

But today, as soon as I get home from sitting on my butt for 4 hours to watch my youngest wrestle 1 match, I'm really gonna come home and tackle everything.

Yes, sir, I am.

All of it.


And make supper.

Umm, I gotta go, I have alot to do.

Alot. Alot.

Hey!! HE's LAUGHING at me.

What the heck??

IT"s not that funny, I"ll really do it................

I think I will anyway............

Okay, I"m trying to do my best. Geeze, go clean your own house, Cody.

And stop laughing at your mother.

It's not very nice at all.

I still love you.

Wanna come over for supper tonight??

Oh, right, I gotta go make it!!


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