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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cows. Are OUT!!

Good morning.

The cows are out.
They broke the fence down again. The three little buttheads do that once in awhile.

These are the Good Cows. They just stay in and moo their fool heads off at the bad cows.

This is Cole trying to keep the good cows in while we try to chase the bad cows through the fence.
This particular cow LOVES everybody.

He wasn't supposed to go up the bank.

Add to the mix, Earl who thinks he's a cow dog and my three ring circus begins.

Wade kicked his shoes off in the middle of the chase cause his feet got all wet.

I think it's some kind of child conspiracy where children have to see how black their socks get before their mothers have heart attacks over the holey black things they take off their feet.

Sorry mister cow, I'll go take a shower.

It's all your fault, breaking out of the fence before 6 a.m.

I guess I looked really bad because when I turned on my laptop, it hissed and died.

Love, me

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