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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Spaghetti up a nose and other things............


That one word can strike fear and elation into this farmwife's heart.

It means the hay starts growing.

For the record, this is rye, not hay.

Spring means the rain doesn't seem to stop falling+the moat around my house=an even dirtier floor.

It also means tulips, daffodils, and all the other flowers start blooming. Scratch off my tulips, my deer ate them all.

The weeds look like they are on steroids.

Mother's day!!

Warmer weather is nice, but not too warm yet. Get the memo, 80 degrees is Summer weather, not Spring.

The days, oh, the days are so much longer!!

And my son stuck spaghetti up his nose.


Wade (16) told me on a particularly "sneezy" day that if I said "squirrel" before I sneezed, I wouldn't sneeze.

I always thought this was a bad thing. I mean, anything coming out of your face with a force like a sneeze, you really don't want to hold it back, right?

I sneezed all day.

Finally, at night I tried it. guess what? It worked.

That one little word warded off my sneeze.

Kinda wierd.

I wouldn't do it often, but if you were, say, in front of a large group of people and you felt a nasty, messy sneeze coming on you might want to say "squirrel". At least you don't have to explain the snot hanging out of your nose.

You might want to take it to the next level to try it.

Just take an uncooked spaghetti noodle out of the box, and poke around inside your nose with it.

It might make you sneeze, then you can test the theory.

Just like Cole (14) did.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

He sat next to me at the kitchen table doing this for about 15 minutes before I even noticed what he was doing.

For the record, I don't recommend trying this, and all the spaghetti noodle manufactuers out there have never heard of me, and don't know me from a lasagna noodle.


One other thing, is "farmwife's" a word??

Love, Me

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