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Friday, April 30, 2010

My day

This is not my typical day. I woke up to extra children running around downstairs.


My girl had to pick up some little cuties before school and put them on the bus from our house.

They bounced.

They yelled ( talked loudly).

They went out the door right as I got up.


I didn't even get to say good morning!

Oh time for coffee.

I get my clothes and head into the bathroom to take a shower.

My husband decides to walk in and asked me if I wanted to ride with him to his uncle's house to deliver hay.

What the heck, who needs to shower??

Not me. I'm naturally clean and good smelling!


I got dressed and went with him smelly!! He he.
We took Cole along!

Jason has to fix the mirror.

When we got there, I immediately went to the horses.

What about the hay??

Umm there's like 3 guys that can handle 50 bales. Really?

Did anyone think I went along to actually throw hay??

That's funny!!

Nope, I was totally spoiling the horses...

Hey you! Yeah, you, come here.
I don't bite, not much.

That's it, come on...

Hi, what's up?? Smell that hay??

Yep, it's the good stuff!

Isn't she cute??
She was so loving too.

Until Mr. Grouchy here decided she had enough loving.

Yep, kicked her right outa the way. Typical male.

But he was okay. He just wanted a little attention too.

Then Cole came over.

She just couldn't resist...

Hey there little boy.....

She liked him...

Especially since he just unloaded this..

Just for her!!

Okay, and for him too!

So after all the lovin and emptying..

We fed the little monster.

"Mom please? Stop."

We drive home. And I went to work.

And you thought your day wasn't productive?


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