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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My favorite Mothers day present....

Here's one

This picture.

My boy didn't even realize I counted this as a present!

(If he would take the time to read this he would!!)

This popped up on my phone while I was at work on Mother's Day.

I wasn't having a very good night at work. But as soon as I saw this, everything was right with the world!!

So of course I sent it to everyone I knew then to make their Mother's Day brighter. No one complained.

Here's another...

Is there anything better than a homemade bouquet?? This was from my oldest and his girlfriend and it accompanied Pizza Hut pizza!!

My girl and three younger boys and my husband took me to see Iron Man 2.

If you haven't gone yet, I strongly suggest you do. Mr. Starks is ...

Well, he's ....


Very nice??

Ok he's a regular stud with attitude.

My second oldest tried to completely clean the house before we came home from the movies.

That was a total suprise (especially if you knew him) he just doesn't do stuff like that.

He also gave me a card telling me what a good job I did in making him good looking !!


Not to forget he gave me the last piece of gum he had in his pack.

Nevermind that he stole the pack from me in the first place.

The last piece is the best, don't you know??

Then on Monday, or was it Tuesday after Mother's Day, my oldest boy called and,


To make a long story short, we ended up with this....

Now he looks like this..

We had him outside to get used to being there, and he wasn't having any part in it.

So Cheyenne grabbed him before he made another mad dash for the poison covered bank.

She stood still for as long as she possibly could until she got sick of me...

I'm going in now, leave me alone!!!


So I took this picture....

I have waited a lifetime to see these bloom!!

Did I get off my subject??

Wait.....what was I writing about????

Oh dear.

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