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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Bad, Bad Hay Truck ..........part 2.

Our second oldest son works for Gotwal's.

There's three parts to Gotwal's. They have Brookledge, which is a cross country horse hauling operation, Gotwal's shop which fixes all the tractor trailers, and Expressway which is the regular hauling part of Gotwals.

There's also shops in Kentucky, and Florida.

Our son, Dane loves working for Gotwals. He loves driving tractor trailer, hauling horses, and working in the shop fixing things.

I like Gotwals because it's in Oley, where my Grandma and Grandpa used to have a small farm with a creek that had a bridge my Grandfather built by himself.  The same place I learned to drive a small tractor with a roller on the back to roll the meadow flat. Then I eventually started singing on the tractor, and put my foot down which the tire caught and I had to shut off the tractor because I was trapped and screaming. I haven't driven a tractor since.

Getting back to the story, Gotwal's had a couple of trees down that they offered to Dane if he hauled them away for firewood. We burn wood for heat. We also have 20 acres of our own woods, but Dane told them we'd take it. Trust me, we're thankful for it.

My husband and the boys took the hay truck to pick up the wood.

On the way home, my husband stopped for fuel in Fleetwood. The boys watched this Fleetwood cop circle around the gas station, and eventually stop across the street in a parking lot facing the road, ready to pull out.

They guys fueled up, pulled out of the gas station, and the nice Fleetwood police officer pulled them over.

Figures, our truck just can't get enough attention.

The cop was trying to tell my husband that he couldn't haul wood with a farm license plate. Ummmm, wood is a commodity, and we CAN haul it legally Mr. Officer Sir. Yes, we sell wood sometimes, why?  It is perfectly legal.

Then the officer felt he had to let my husband know the law and what he could and could not haul with his hay truck that has a farm license plate. You know, the farmer that has been farming all his life, yes, he needed to know that. Thank you officer.

He's watching you!!

Love, Me

P.S. I have yet another story about our rogue hay truck, tune in tomorrow for hopefully our last installment of the big bad truck.

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