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Friday, March 18, 2011


Its a fluffy kind of day here on our farm.

The temperature is supposed to reach 70 degrees. The sun is shining, the wind is pretty tame, and the mud is trying to dry up.

Meet Pouf, one of our many farm cats.

Pouf is a very fluffy kitty. She's almost grown, and she likes to go under my feet when I get home from work at night and trip me right into the mud.

Yes, this innocent looking creature really wants me dead.

Just kidding, she just wants food. ALL THE TIME.

Kind of like my boys. Most of our conversations follow this pattern....

Me:"Hi guys! Did you have a good time?"

Them:"Yep, do you have anything to eat?"

Me:"So what did you do?"

Them:"Nothing much. So where's the food, mom?

Me:"Hang on a minute, you never told me what you thought of what you did!"



Them:"Wait, What?"

Did I mention everything on the farm, including the dogs are male?

The horses are male, the steers are male, the deer is a male.

Cheyenne and I. We are it. Female.
This little Pouf is probably female too.

That would explain the fluffiness anyway!!

Love, me

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