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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Beloved Truck... Part 3

So you know by now we sell hay for a living.

Our hay truck has ideas of it's own, but we scold it and bring it back into the light.

About two weeks ago, our 3rd oldest son, Jake took a load of hay to the auction for us. Riding shotgun was our 3rd youngest son, Wade.

Everyone at the auction was talking about the DOT checkpoint. Maybe many of you know of it as a weigh station. It's where the department of transportation decides they are going to randomly weigh trucks to make sure they're not overweight, and they just might decide to perform a complete inspection of your truck. You know, for your safety of course. And for your money. Yes, I'm convinced, it's all for your money, to take up your time, and because they have nothing better to do. 

Okay, I know it's their job, good grief, you've got a 20yr. old, and a 16yr. old in a farm truck who should have went around the checkpoint, but didn't because we didn't warn them of this, and they were just following the rules.

Our oldest calls to tell his dad the truck is being inspected.


I mean, we really weren't worried, our truck was just newly inspected, with a spanking brand new inspection sticker to boast about.

A $135.00 fine later, with the truck sitting there because they wouldn't let the boys drive it home, it "had" to be inspected AGAIN and a paper signed to even drive the thing, we were stumped. Jake argued with the inspection officer who said since a part of the truck was wet with oil, it must be leaking. Jake put his finger on the top of the part that holds the oil that was "supposed to be leaking" and guess what?? It was full. BUT because there was another part that was wet, "it was leaking".

When in doubt, call in the big guns.

Not excatly, but we put in a call to our son, Dane who works at Gotwal's and that's the only place we could think of at the moment with a wrecker big enough to pick up our truck.

Dane's boss sent one of his co-workers in the wrecker while Dane followed in another vehicle to go get the truck and boys. How nice was that?

You don't find many people who would just let your son drop everything he was working on and send another employee to go get your kids and hay truck.

We feel blessed to know such a wonderful company.

We are also blessed to only have a $135.00 fine. The guy next to the boys? He had $1800.00 worth of brakes out of adjustment. 

It's always nice to have friends!!

Love, me

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