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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boys and tractors...........

Boys, I have alot of them. Big ones and little ones, and sometimes depending on who's visiting, really little ones.

They're alot of fun, until you find their dirty socks all over the living room, and under the kitchen table, and on the porch, and oh my goodness, just everywhere.

I can ask them to pick them up, which I do constantly. Sometimes it works, most of the time, I hear, "sorry mom, I have to help dad. You know I have to go work on the tractor all day". Yeah, conveinent.

Soon, they are gonna find them under their pillows. My eight yr. old almost got away with this too, but at the last minute I remembered he can't even drive the lawn mower. His oldest brother was driving the lawn mower when he was 5 yrs. old, but there's no need for Quin to do it, maybe I can get him to be the sock picker upper??

They can even have tuxedos on, and they're on a tractor...

They liked the smoke in this picture.

Now I know why they won't let me drive the tractors, I'm the mom, who else would do the house work?? I can see this now, they will be starving calling my cell phone "hey mom, when are you coming in off the tractor to make us some dinner?" To this I'll reply "oh, I don't know, your father has me working pretty hard today, why don't you guys find something to make for tonight??"

Yeah, they'll probably be dead when I get home, boys just don't get it sometimes. It's really sad.
Oh well, they're mine, and I love them so I'll stay off the tractors and do the mom thing.

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