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Saturday, October 18, 2008

This was a nice suprise....

Okay, I planted like 500 flower seeds this summer. Nothing came up. not one. Not even like a leaf of one, no stem, nothing. Zip.

While I was doing some yard clean-up, I found a pretty little flower. Then the cat found us, so I had to get a picture. Maybe to remind myself that you shouldn't just throw the seeds and expect them to grow. Well, I covered them up a bit, and there was no frost, I did wait until summer, really I did!

Then I found another one.

Okay not too exciting, but it made my day!!

So of course I had to take another picture before the frost gets to it!

Then the cat decided to climb up on my lap.

Then the dog wanted to come over (I had no idea the dog was even outside).

The dog and the cat really don't get along, but it went peacefully today, the dog just ignored me (that's usually the cat's job).

So the dog and cat got a nice little photo shoot.

Then while I was playing with my camera, I heard the rumbling.......

This could not be good, no, the guys were busy, right?? Yeah, right, until the combine alternater decided to poop out.
OH well, back to reality!!

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