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Monday, October 6, 2008

This is my world........

Jason (the husband), Code Man (he's 20, and our oldest), the Bear (he's 19), Jake sorry, he's just Jake, can't think of a nick-name for him (he's 18), Lizzy (yes, that's a nickname, and she's 16), still all ours, Fuzzy Wuzzy Wade (he's 13), Cole (he's 11), and Quin (he's 8), and yes, they are all ours and if you didn't notice, the last ones don't have nicknames, I'm just too tired!

They run my world, which is a little piece of land we call a farm in Pa. Ohh the farm, we love it, it's ours now, and by golly with the mortgage payments, I'll never forget it!

Jason has always farmed, but not his own, so when the oppurtunity came up, we jumped at it and took it. You don't know if you don't try, right??

Anyway,Jason and Code Man work nights, I'm working days, Lizzy is homeschooled, and the rest go to school.

We all help on the farm. Mostly, the guys do the "easy" tractor work, and us girls, and the little kids (bear with me, to me, my boys that are 13, 11, and 8 are the little boys, my 20, 19, and 18 yr old are my big boys, and Lizzy, she's the girl) I know they are not that little, but, well, ... I can dream, can't I??

So where was I, oh right, the "easy" work, like combining, baling, and other tractor work is done by the big boys, and the little boys, the girl and I watch, take them drinks, unload hay, unload hay, oh, and just for fun, we unload straw too!

We have small bales, the ones that you throw, you know, like a baseball, only bigger! Some day when we have all those acres, like when I win the lottery, we will have a big baler, a wrapper, a tractor trailer, a really big skid loader, you know, stuff like that.

Jake also wants cows some day. We used to milk, but we don't have facilities on this farm, so until the development rights come in, we are just making do with what we have. It's plenty. really, who wants 500 acres??, (we do!) Oh, heck, maybe more yeah, I'll win the lottery too!

It could happen, really, it could.

If I pray really hard?.....



Well, I'll just keep on praying anyway.

We call our farm Crazy 8, well, because we are a little bit crazy, yeah, no, yeah, we are really crazy, and we had 8 children.

Our little sweetheart, Laramie Jane passed away November 19, 2005. She was 12. She had a long battle with a genetic disease called Metachromatic Leukodystropy. OKay, she was missing the enzyme that kept the myelin on her nerves. Better?? We didn't know about this until she was a normal 5 yr. old. Yeah, 2 bone marrow transplants later 1700 miles from home, just wasn't enough to stop it. It's okay, she's happy now, but we loved her so much, we just want her to be pain free and happy. Really we do. (I'd just like one more sloppy kiss and hug, but that's a selfish mom thing.) So yes, we had 8 children, and in my heart, I will always have 8 children, so I just can't say "oh, I have 7 children" because that's just not right, it's not. I have 8 dammit.

OKay, I feel better now!

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