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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Hour Delay

I love those words. It means I can sleep longer and so can the kids. I can take my time making their lunch to send to school. I can sleep longer, I can take a shower before the bus. I can sleep longer, the kids can eat breakfast, and do a load of laundry!! Did I mention I can sleep longer?? I love to sleep. So does the rest of my family.

Even the Coony birds slept alot when we had them.

It must just be our household. I don't think the dog ever wakes up.

Well, his food and water dish need refilling, so I suppose he's alive.

Did you know we raised raccoons?? Until they got so big, we let them free, but it was quite an adventure.

This one got so big, and she wouldn't leave. She decided to live in the garage. She came out onto Dane's head one Easter. It was pretty funny.

She eventually had to go though because a raccoon in your garage is not a good idea!!

OKay enough rambling for today, gotta go sleep now!

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