Perfect Form....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early Morning Ringing...........

You know it's not good news when you get a phone call at 5am.

Oh my.........

Oh Dear!!


Notice the burr on the inside of the jeep???

The bad news-- the jeep is finished.


Never to be driven again.

It had a soft top that tore away on the first roll.

I know she has a problem with wearing seatbelts.

She ended up sitting on the ground with the jeep on top of her.

The good news ??

Not only did she roll the jeep at least 4 times, she walked away from it with only bruises.

No, she wasn't texting, or talking on the phone, all she did was look down at her directions and veered a little bit, losing total control.

Praise God !

I know He sent angels to keep her safe.

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