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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Main Reason

I DO NOT blog as much as I want to is; I only have dial up connectivity at my house on my "gasp" ancient computer.

So that being said, I must utilize my 3g on my iPhone. Using only my iPhone pictures.

My iPhone that is never fully synced, or updated, because, my ancient laptop takes soooo long at other people's houses wifi.

Why don't we have cable, or dsl, or use an air card?

Reason #1- notice the dirt road?
Cable? For only 1 house on a whole road? Nope they won't do it. I've begged, I've pleaded, I've even offered cinnamon bun sacrifices.

Reason #2-said dirt road travels into a nice little valley ( it goes down).

Reason#3- Hills, pastures, and elevated dirt and grass higher than my house that's nestled into said valley.

Nature is working against me here.

All a woman wants is high speed internet, and maybe a million dollars. Right now, I'll take the internet and a MacBook to go along with it. While I'm dreaming I'd like adobe Photoshop (the really expensive one). I would also need an expert to show me how to use it.

That is all.

If anyone knows how to get quality high speed satellite Internet service, I'm listening.

So is the monkey in the tree!

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