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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain is a beautiful thing.

Rain is lovely.

Especially when you haven't seen it in a long time.

It's like one of your closest friends is finally coming home after a week in Vegas.

Nice, huh?

Our mouths won't stop once we see each other. That's just what we do.

But the poor thing flew home last night and woke up to this.


Sorry, but like I said in my older posts, all the pictures I take come from my iPhone. As it's the fastest way for me to post since I live in a hole with no reception except 3G!

Ugh anyway, I have a dog licking my elbow as I try to type this so bear with me here!

This little bundle of energy who rolled in something dead yesterday and flew out of the bathtub excatly 12.56 times while he was getting a bath. He gave me a bath too. He's a slippery little sucker when wet.

And he likes to stay stinky.

But now he's squeaky clean!!


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