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Monday, September 27, 2010

This Rainy Monday

On this rainy Monday I feel like I have done so much, yet have in fact done very little.

This being one of my culprits. I have just printed out at least 984,253,012 recipies.

Ok maybe 4 is more like it, but if you remember dial-up, you'll understand.

Everytime I click, there's this food staring me in the face and I just HAVE to have the recipe.

Will I cook the recipe?

Not for awhile.

There is this one though (streusel-topped pumpkin bread) in which I better bake before my kids see the recipe or I may just have to drop everything as they tie me to the stove.

Let's see, my morning started off well enough ( if you call a min pin flying through the air at record speed only to land on my head while I'm sleeping then to dig my bed covers up until he can sufficiently crawl under with me and lick himself silly only for me to realize he's wet and it's raining outside) well then hey, it's a good morning!

The brat.

It got better, my husband made coffee. Everythings better with coffee.


Then this girl of mine and I decided we would like to work at so we got dressed up and went on an adventure to go apply.
(cause there's just not enough work on the farm for us)

After making 6,839 u-turns we found our new career!

When we walked in they informed us their computers were down,"please come back tomorrow".

So I came home, took a short nap (hey, it's raining).

Added wash to the dryer. Fed the washing machine.

Remembered I scrubbed the tub and sorted laundry earlier, finished the bathroom and made the boys take trash out, unload and load the dishwasher.

Ah ha! I DID do something today!

And now, well I forgot my whole point to this post.

So I'm going to go make supper now.

Love you!

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