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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Saturday

This is what I should be doing.

Getting well.

Since the docs told me I have pneumonia.



I just don't get sick.

I'm THE MOM darnit. I can't get sick, let alone have pneumonia of all things.

Just Tuesday I took the kids on a field trip to Hawk Mountain.

And we Moyer's don't take the easy trail.
Nooooooo we have to take the "may require scrambling over rocks" trail.

Yes I climbed up after them. It was fun.

This monkey ran ahead of us and waited in trees till we caught up.

Don't ask, he must take after his father.

Yes I felt like this afterwards, but who wouldn't??

Pneumonia? Ugh.

Well it's going to have to wait until after the powerhouse pulls.

Yeah, I'll sleep there.

The boys are getting ready...

Try getting this truck

Down to 6500 lbs.

It's not pretty...

There's just a couple of things missing:

And more:

No seats?? Not even passenger:

Yes, my Saturday will be good even with pneumonia.

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