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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My favorite Mothers day present....

Here's one

This picture.

My boy didn't even realize I counted this as a present!

(If he would take the time to read this he would!!)

This popped up on my phone while I was at work on Mother's Day.

I wasn't having a very good night at work. But as soon as I saw this, everything was right with the world!!

So of course I sent it to everyone I knew then to make their Mother's Day brighter. No one complained.

Here's another...

Is there anything better than a homemade bouquet?? This was from my oldest and his girlfriend and it accompanied Pizza Hut pizza!!

My girl and three younger boys and my husband took me to see Iron Man 2.

If you haven't gone yet, I strongly suggest you do. Mr. Starks is ...

Well, he's ....


Very nice??

Ok he's a regular stud with attitude.

My second oldest tried to completely clean the house before we came home from the movies.

That was a total suprise (especially if you knew him) he just doesn't do stuff like that.

He also gave me a card telling me what a good job I did in making him good looking !!


Not to forget he gave me the last piece of gum he had in his pack.

Nevermind that he stole the pack from me in the first place.

The last piece is the best, don't you know??

Then on Monday, or was it Tuesday after Mother's Day, my oldest boy called and,


To make a long story short, we ended up with this....

Now he looks like this..

We had him outside to get used to being there, and he wasn't having any part in it.

So Cheyenne grabbed him before he made another mad dash for the poison covered bank.

She stood still for as long as she possibly could until she got sick of me...

I'm going in now, leave me alone!!!


So I took this picture....

I have waited a lifetime to see these bloom!!

Did I get off my subject??

Wait.....what was I writing about????

Oh dear.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pj's part two......

Since I gave up all modesty yesterday and showed you pictures of "gasp" my feet, and my freaky chubby finger, I'll tell you what else I also have been known to do in my pj's..

Hello, my name is Keena and I'm addicted to wearing my pj's.

Is there a group for that??

Okay, I have been known to jump start a tractor or two in my time.

Yep, you guessed it, in my pj's.

This is my view as the zippy car has no emergency brake to speak of. It's also stick shift. So I just sat there, car running, foot on the brake, listening to my boys hook up jumper cables from the car to the tractor.

Notice what color the tractor is that doesn't start?

You can't see it too well from my point of view in the car, but the yellow wheel should give you a clue that the tractor is green.

Well, if it was red, we wouldn't be having this problem now would we??

Just saying..

My one boy says to the other " watch out the black one sparks".

Yeah okay, stop it right now. Can't you see, I haven't had coffee yet?

The only rule in this house is, and I quote " no injuries requiring any thinking, gore or blood including electrification before mom has had her coffee"! I don't care who you are, I'm the mom and that's the way it goes.

So I'm just sitting there and, wait,.....
Could it be??

Houston, we have take off!!!

Now, Wade, go ted that hay, and Cole, well you know what to do..

Yeah, put those things away.

I'm going in for my coffee now. I guess I should get dressed too??

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The things I do in my pj's!!

You know those 5 minutes before you're about to get into the shower?

You run your water, you sit on the toilet, you remember to NOT flush before you get in, or else you will do a little dance in the hot water??

Then you step in the shower. Right?

You still with me??

Good, I thought I lost you back at the toilet!

So anyway, you're about to step in the shower, and your cell phone rings.

Yes, I take mine with me, if I didn't the kids would answer my phone and barge in the bathroom to give it to me.

Trust me that's never good.

Its my husband.

He always says "What are you doing??"

One of these days, I'm actually going to be able to tell him I'm just finishing up the kitchen floor, or my very last load of laundry, or I just got done lifting weights.

But in this case I was poised over the tub, just about to get in the shower with thoughts of coffee swirling around in my head.
So of course to his reply, I say "nothing, why?"

He says "oh good, come over to Belnap's and pick me up".

My answer-"I'll be right over."

Yeah right.

As soon as I get my pj's back on!!

I pick him up, bring him home to get some doohicky to fix the tractor or corn planter, and I run back into the house hoping to get my shower.

"Not today Zurg"

Remember that line?? I love that movie!!

My husband decided I needed to come with him.


We get to the field and he shows me how our corn is coming up already.

Sorry about my freaky chubby finger, but this is our corn!!

So now I'm confused. "If you already have corn planted here, what are you doing with that tractor (sexy red tractor) planting corn again?" I ask.

Long story short, the corn planter broke last week while planting this field and now it's fixed so it's time to finish it. Carefully that is!

I was just there in case something broke again.

He only had to up and down the field a couple mire times anyway.

Okay so this is my view...

Not bad.

There he goes..


Here I am

Sitting on the back of my truck, still in my pj's, wearing crocks soaking up the sunshine, praying there's no one out there with a telescopic lens.

He's still going...

Now my feet are up...

He's pretty much gone.
So I'm wondering why there always seems to be like one tree in the middle of a field.

Hmmmm?? Any takers?
I have no idea.

He's coming back!


And now he's turning around......

And he's off again!

Ugh the bugs are starting to figure out I didn't shower yet!!

Ohhhh he's back and he stops?? He gets off...

Lost another doohicky !!!

But it's all good.