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Monday, February 28, 2011

Economics 101

This is what happens when you home school.

You can be talking about how cream cheese is better than butter on bagels one minute.

Wait, that's NOT appropriate school discussion?



Ok well in the next minute, the dad of the household pipes up and starts talking to the mom of the household about the prices of chemicals and fertilizers and fuel and applicator's licenses.

Just saying.

SO the mom of the household, challenges the dad to come up with a scenario in which the children of the household need to figure out how much they are charging another fellow farmer to spray his fields per acre.

I love it when they're stumped.

Cell phones gave great calculators.

This is as far as this child got. I think I saw steam coming out of his ears.

Quin's response.

We eventually figured it out.

Then the dad tells them to go stand in the middle of the field and figure it out like he does.

I haven't seen them since.

Love me.

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Cath said...

There's nothing like real-life math lessons! Love it! :)