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Friday, February 11, 2011

Today is Friday.

Yes, on this Friday, I will most probably, in no particular order................

a. attempt to clean the house.

1. bake a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

c. tell my boys about 1,564 times to "please be quiet and finish your school work".

4. text my husband and tell him I love him so much for getting up at 3:30am. and driving to the hay auction on this so very cold morning just so we can stay on our farm.

2. tackle the laundry monster, I mean mountain, I mean well, maybe do the laundry.

b.kick the gross deer leg back outside that our precious Earl tries to drag into the house.

8. text my second oldest son to ask him to please get a gift for my second to youngest son from the Snap-On man when he visits the shop he works in for my second to youngest's son's birthday tomorrow. (Whew! did you follow that?)

e. look up some sentence rules in my sons's English books.

11. take a shower and get dressed.

20. pray.

d. make supper

I was starting to get depressed writing this little post. You see, there's soo much to do that I didn't write down. I'm sure you have an idea.

So I decided that first and foremost, I'll start thanking God for all of this work. For the fact that I am able to do this work, and for the oppurtunity to be able to continue wanting to keep working in our home. (I know, I really need to work on letter "e")!

"God can pick sense out of a confused prayer"
                                                          Richard Sibbes

Feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do today?

Just pray, you'll be okay.

Love, Me

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