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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hay ..........again

Time to load hay...

Jake had a 2 hour delay which meant he had no school until about 11:30 (no Vo-Tech on 2 hour delays).
Jason and Jake go off to load hay and I get a phone call about 11:15. "Umm honey, what are you doing??"

"Nothing, why??"

"Jake has to get to school and we're not done loading hay. Could you please relieve him??"

Me:"Umm sure, I think??"

Okay, you have to understand, I was still in my pj's, had to brush my teeth, and I was trying to convince my daughter at the time I was going to take a shower and take her shopping, really I was.

So I raced up the stairs, and got jeans on, and ran a brush through my hair, and grabbed my camera.

When I get there, they tell me to climb up a wagon full of hay and jump over into the mow, which is up and over hay.

Do they forget who they are talking to?? I hate heights, especially when I'm heightened. That's why God made me relatively short. And chubby.

What do I do?? Yep, I climbed up the side of the wagon, swung my ample butt around and into the front of the wagon. And I made it!!! Then I looked over and up into the mow that I was supposed to just jump into and said" You gotta be kidding me". It was not happening.

So what does Jason say?? "It's okay honey, we really just needed your car so Jake can go home and get his jeep to get to school".

Alright, so I climbed up here for what?? My health? To have a heart attack?? To maybe just look down?

Admire the view?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm? I really don't like the view, unless I'm part of it on the ground!!

This view is okay though!! He he.
After it was all over, Jason took me down into the bottom of the barn and showed me the 3 cows we are buying!! A steer, and 2 heifers. (Of course, my camera was in the truck by then.)
But we are now officially starting our own little herd!!

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