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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My baby and his grandfather..........

Here's our "baby" when he was just 5!!

Did you ever just want to cringe and cancel the last 10 minutes of your life?? Pretend they didn't happen??

I wanted to do just that when my husband told me what my "baby" said to his grandfather ie. my father in law.

Quin (my "baby") who is nine and the youngest of our eight children, was over at my in-law's playing one Sunday.

Harmless enough.

He said to my father-in-law "Grandpop, do you have any work for me to do tomorrow?? I don't feel like going to school."

Grandpop said " Sorry Quin, I don't have anything here for you to work on. I guess you have to go to school!"

Quin promptly looked up at his Grandpop and said "DAMN".

Realizing what he just said, he threw himself down at grandpop's feet and begged for forgiveness.

You must understand, my father in law isn't very tall, but he has these eyes that just BUG out when he gets mad, and he's got a bit of a temper, and he scares the crap out of the little kids by just looking at them. (It would help if he shaved those eyebrows, but that's another story!)
Here he is with our daughter, Laramie. He isn't all doom and gloom!!

Grandpop reprimanded Quin and made him promise to never say that again. It worked, but I just can't imagine my youngest, the last of my children ever saying a bad word.

What happened to my baby??

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