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Monday, March 9, 2009

A whole flock of cows!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's a herd, but we are only buying 3 so maybe it's a flocking herd??

Jason took Cheyenne and I to see our new cows today, and I just had to get pictures..

This is our bull (he's going to be a steer pretty soon). I know what you're thinking, but, hey, we have to eat, you know?? Eight kids and no steer in the barn is kind of frightening.
He was a little curious.

I don't know if you can see or not but one of our heiffers is red, and the other black! I can't wait to have them bred and see what we come up with.

This isn't ours, it's a calf, and I just couldn't resist...........

Hi Baby!!

Yeah, come here, that's right....

Mamma cow is mad, she doesn't like blondes I guess.

Then, it's time to leave, you don't want to get the mamma cow all riled up you know. I might have to dress in disguise when I go back!!

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