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Friday, January 9, 2009

HAY anyone??

We have pretty much hay to sell so Jason decided to take it to the Green Dragon auction. But he recruited me and Lizzy to help load the truck. Oh Boy.

We stayed in the hay mow and threw onto the elevator. Well, she had to throw hay to me, and when she wasn't hitting me with it, it would fall down the side of our stack. Oh I'm pretty sore this morning. Good thing Jason has a sense of humor.

But what was he going to do, fire us??

We fool around alot. Well, no, it's more like we have alot of fun, yeah, that's it.

While we were actually busy, Jason's phone rang and we shut everything down. Our Cole was vomiting on the bus and I had to pick him up at a different bus stop. I don't know, I guess they just wanted him off!! Go figure. So everyone got a breather. But that also meant that this guy got home from school too!!

Wade to the rescue!! He recently turned 14 and happens to be a great hay bail thrower. (The little guy in the background is one of my very best friend's children who Cheyenne babysit's for. He was having a blast too!) So we eventually got the hay loaded and now it's on it's way to the auction. Which is a good thing because I have a mortgage to pay!!

I just threw this in because I could!! They might look back on this one day and laugh. I hope!!

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