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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hunh, okay....

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired today. I didn't do a durned thing yet, but put a load of wash in the washer, make the woodstove come back to life, go shopping with Jason to pick up something his mom wants for his dad for Valentine's day, and sneeze.

Just smack my ass and call me Sneezy. I can't stop!! When I'm not sneezing, my nose is tickling like I have to sneeze, and my eyes are watering so bad.

It's Jason's fault.

He got it first.

Our 8yr. old is home sick too. It's still Jason's fault.

It's supposed to be sunny here today. More like overcast allllll day long.

Okay, sorry, that was my evil angry whopper twin complaining like that. Gosh, I had to kick her japelano butt out of my seat so I can write something nice.

Okay something nice.


Oh! Cheyenne made brownies today!! That's always nice.

I get to go to work and see all my favorite residents at the nursing home tonight. Yeah, that's nice. Really, it is.

One more, I played the lottery, and IF I win, that's nice too!! Then I don't have to go to work!! I can just visit! The best part will be I won't have to wear scrubs. I HATE SCRUBS!! Whew, thank you. I'm glad I got that one off my chest.
Okay, carry on!!

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