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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Muppets, is there ever any movie better than Muppet Treasure Island?? In my family's opinion, nope.

It's pretty weird that we all like, no love that movie. All 10 of us to be excact (because I know Lara is watching it in Heaven).

What's not to like?? You've got mystery, suspense, great music, a guy that thinks there's a man living in his finger (and actually talks to it), and of course the torrid love affair between Kermit and Miss Piggy. Yep, my life just might be complete.

Maybe we're all a little bit off our rockers. That's okay.

I sometimes find myself looking at my finger like it's talking to me. Not really, I just would like a reason for hearing that voice!!
I think all the ice is getting to me. Really, snow is so much better, but no, can we get just snow?? Nope not unless it's followed by a thick layer of ice. Gosh I just misplaced my ice-skates. Darn.
Oh well, enough of my rambling today, I have a movie to watch before I go to work. We're at the part of the dreaded black spot!!
This is what farmers (wives and kids) do when there's ice outside, really, we do!!

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