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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hmm, 2009 and what are we gonna write down on paper for our resolutions??

Since I haven't done this since Oct. Maybe Blog more?? Of course I could lose weight, and keep the house spotless, excercise every day............. All the normal things in life.

I'd like to scrapbook a layout every week. Until the weeks slip away.

Maybe I'll just pray more and try to do all I can and do my best at it. Even if I don't like doing it. That sounds like a good resolution that I know I can stick with.

Oh, and try to make enough money with this farm that we don't have to have outside jobs!! Maybe thats just a dream, but I'll keep trying.

I also need to take more pictures, yeah, that sounds like fun!

I'd eventually like to give up dial-up and get a card thingy for 'puter to make it go faster!!! Oh good Lord I miss my cable hook up!!

I'm going to pray for this guy every day too. The one on the left is my nephew and tomorrow he's on a plane for Iraq. The other two are my sons, Dane and Jake. If anything happens to their cousin, Iraq might just be in for trouble!! My nephew has a wife and baby daughter so he just has to come home. Yep, he does.
Okay gotta go make mashed potatoes to go with the ham and saurkraut. No one likes the saurkraut, but tough boogies, they're eating it anyway!!!

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